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Administrators Guide

Initial Implementation

Set up Data

When you get a new version of inScope there will be seed data in all of the configuration tables. There will also be a couple of projects in place so you know what a live project looks like. You can delete these at any point.

The best way to set up the system for your business is to go through all of the Administration pages and change and codes that do not suit your organisation.

As a guidleline simple is best . You can always add more options after you become familiar with the system

Administration Project

Many organisations create an Admin project to record annual leave , sick leave etc. and assign all employees to this project. It is usually easier to have an “All Employees” group to assign to this sort of task. Document Storage You could of course add leave to you individual plans this is based on your own requirements.


There are two options for this by default you will get native inScope document storage which means your documents will be stored in your own container in Azure. If you would prefer to use Office 365 we can either link to your existing account or set one up for you. Contact our support for this.

Interface to to other systems

See the Interface page in this manual

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